How to motivate your team ?

How to motivate your team ?

how motivate team
Posted by David Galiana, on Wednesday 16 October 2019, updated on Tuesday 29 November 2022

Do you want to know the secret to task success? In one, it is to have a motivated and competent team. Human resource management is undoubtably the key to success in all business’ and in any sector. A motivated team can move mountains and accomplish anything. Equally, in a demotivated team, workers are not productive, lack initiative and are frequently absent. Behaviour which can harm the development of a project and put it in danger.

Do you want to avoid a worst-case scenario? Do you want your team to be ready to roll up your sleeves and work hard to get the best results? Discover the following 6 pieces of advice to instantly motivate your team!

1. Define cleat and precise goals

This is the basis to management; it is essential for your team to know what they must do and be able to know the tasks without thinking. If the objectives are vague, it is harder for your collaborators to invest themselves in the project as they are unsure of their aim.

For instance, a boat which starts a voyage without knowing its end destination risks getting lost and results in wasting all their resources in trying to stay afloat.

In defining clear and precise goals from the start your team will know why they are working hard every day. It is far more motivating for your team to be able to see their efforts generating a positive result, helping them each day to reach their end objective.

2. Create a pleasant working environment

Working environment significantly impacts team moral and motivation. Make sure that the office has a lot of natural light, it is clean, uplifting and that every collaborator has their own personal work space.

Would you like to further personalise your work space? Why not take an in-office survey to attain your colleagues’ suggestions? From the choice of furniture to the decoration, to the equipment provided in the break room, in giving your team a voice to improve their workplace, it is a great way to motivate them.

Finally, in providing your team with the right work tools it is also a way in which to motivate them. For instance, in acquiring a collaborative project management software it facilitates strong team collaboration and communication.

3. Ensure to acknowledge and give feedback to your team members

All of us like to see that our effort is recognized and appreciated. Recognition is a strong form in creating motivation at work. Don’t hesitate to frequently congratulate your team so that they remain motivated.

Asides from recognition, feedback is equally very important in order to maintain each collaborators motivation. According to Officevibe, 27% of employees affirm that the feedback which they receive helps them to work better and that 83% of employees truly appreciate receiving feedback whether it be positive or negative.

Try your hardest to tell your employees what you think of their work. However, be careful! The art of being able to give feedback is to be capable of doing so in a way which doesn’t negatively or aggressively criticise your team members. In order to master this, it is necessary to have had previous managerial experiences.

Congratulate them when the job is done well and tell them what you enjoyed so they can do it again. On the other hand, explain constructively what you do not like about the way they work so that they can improve.

4. Encourage Hapinness at Work

Do you know the role of the “Chief Happiness Officer?” It is the director of happiness in the company! Today, motivated employees are happy and happiness at work notably is impacted by the work-life balance. According to the 10th OPE barometer of work-life, personal and family reconciliation, 92% of French employees surveyed think that the balance of time between work life and personal life is an important subject.

So that members of your team are happy, equally you must foster professional fulfilment. But, how? In listening to your employees and in better responding to their needs. For instance, encourage their initiative, be attentive to their professional ambitions, allow them to be autonomous and give them the opportunity to access professional training to enhance their skill set.

In demonstrating that you are confident in them and that you are willing to invest in them, your employees will want to further invest themselves in their work and the team.

5. Stimulate harmony within the team

Within the team, moral and motivation is severely impacted by the relationships formed within the team. If tension and conflicts are present between your employees, they will become less productive. If the working atmosphere is tense, your employees will no longer want to wake up in the morning to come to work. They will be less productive, make more mistakes and above all, they may even leave the company.

In order to create team harmony, managers must encourage internal conversation, for example, through instant messaging and create team cohesion by regularly organising events and team building activities: eat breakfast together as much as possible, go for drinks outside of work hours, engage in activities which you have in common, such as sport. A sense of belonging will commence to develop, your team will be more tight-knight and their performance will excel.

6. Pay your employees sufficiently for the level of their expertise

According to a study carried about by Workforce view In Europe using Automatic Data Processing, it stated that for 50% of French employees, payment is their principle motive to work. Therefore, if your workers aren’t being sufficiently paid, they will not hesitate to leave the company.

Fairly pay the members in your team by taking into consideration the competitive salary in your sector and region. If you find it difficult to reach this competitive salary, don’t forget that there are other benefits that you can offer your employees: food vouchers, flexible working hours, bonus’, etc.


It is not difficult, or costly to motivate your team so that they can give their best. In following these 6 pieces of advice, you will motivate them which in turn will boost their performance and productivity. Managing a team is also meant to be enjoyable and to recognise the efforts of your employees. So, start now, they deserve to feel good about their work!

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