How Cloud Collaboration Brings Out The Best In Different Personality Types

How Cloud Collaboration Brings Out The Best In Different Personality Types

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Posted by Josh Cole, on Wednesday 24 June 2015, updated on Tuesday 29 November 2022

There’s an increasing understanding that we all have different ways of working. Some of us work steadily, others in intense bursts. Some of us work well in teams, others in solitude.

Not only are we gaining massively in our understanding of the way different human beings work in teams and on their own, but there is also a growing appreciation for the value that different personality types can bring to our teams. In diversity is strength.

Now, there’s a view that the cloud revolution could have impacts way beyond the productivity benefits that were first envisioned. Cloud collaboration could even have a transformative effect on how we integrate different personality types into our teams.

Take for example introverts. Introverts, those who prefer to work quietly and often in relative isolation, have been receiving a lot of attention recently for the positive contribution that they make in the fields of innovation, science and business. Famous introverts include familiar names like Albert Einstein, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Introverts aren’t necessarily shy, but they can  often find themselves to be most creative outside of the group context.  And some are suggesting that cloud collaboration could help business leaders foster an environment that really taps into the potential of introverts.

How does cloud collaboration help?

Well, in traditional team discussions very often those who are loudest get listened to. But a digital platform can enable teams to benefit from the wisdom and creativity of some of the team’s quieter, less self-assertive members. Part of it is the physical distance enabled by remote working or the ability to collaborate without being in the same physical space. Part of it is being able to put forward your ideas in deliberate and reasoned way and on your own terms. Chat features embedded within digital collaboration services mean thatyou can make your ideas heard no matter what your personality type.

There’s even an argument that cloud collaboration can change the way we work, and move us away from the idea that the most powerful ideas are those that arise from discussion in person or around the table. Instead, cloud collaboration can level the playing field for all ideas by helping the ideas of those who don’t normally put themselves forward to get recognition. Cloud collaboration can create a safe space where everyone can share ideas and innovate together.

Cloud collaboration helps other personality types too

Some people are early birds, others night owls. No matter what times of day you have your best ideas, no matter what pace you find most productive, digital platforms can enable you to maximize your own potential. If you have a great idea late at night, you can connect to your digital workspace from your phone and get your thoughts down. Maybe you will have a brainwave at 6AM when others are still asleep and well before others are in the office. You can make a note of it on your Evernote app. This creates enormous value and we all stand to benefit.

Cloud technology is young and we are all still learning, but there are early signs that digital platforms can revolutionize the way we work.


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