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How to estimate task duration ?

Estimating the time of a project task is a game of riddles. Here are three things to take into account when you approach this exercise in project management.

  • We struggle to estimate the duration of a task or an activity
  • We tend to take the time allotted to us by


How to avoid burnout ?

Do you feel stressed, worn out and completely demotivated at work? Are you anxious? Do you have insomnia and difficulty getting out of bed in the morning? Do you feel completely inefficient at work? If the answer to several of these questions is yes, you probably suffer from burnout syndrome.…

How to make internal communication flow better within your company

Communicating with your employees is imperative so that the business is a success and functions well. Don’t forget that your employees are your most valuable resource given that today, it is almost impossible for a business to function without a strong workforce.

Your team is equally a reflection of your …


7 laws of time management for more efficiency at work

In project management, to be high performing and to succeed in all your projects, you need to be organised and productive, know how to effectively manage your time and anticipate risks.

Did you know that laws and principles exist which rule work life?

Here are 7 of them that you …

How is digital transformation taking place in local authorities?

Today, we are living in the digital era. In daily life, at work and at home, everything is organised, prepared, ordered in one click via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

In the same way as the industrial revolution profoundly changed 19th century society, the digital transformation is changing our current …