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How to stay productive when working from home

Working from home is becoming a more and more popular option for employees and businesses. Moreover, by being able to organize their own schedule how they wish, professionals avoid wasting time in transit or getting to work during times of strikes.

According to a study conducted by Malakoff Médéric Humanis

5 tips to rid yourself of imposter syndrome at work

Are you constantly doubting yourself or your competency at work? Do you attribute your success to luck or to your client being in a good mood? Do you feel like you are not up to the task or that you don’t deserve to be there? You are most likely the …

The Agile Method: An Introduction for Beginners

In project management, there are a number of work methods that ensure the efficiency and success of your projects. One of the most well-known is without a doubt the agile method, which combines multiple project management approaches. What do they have in common? The agile method is more flexible than …

How to work as a team and facilitate collaboration?

“Alone we go faster, together we go further.” – African Proverb

It is true that we can accomplish much more when we work together. By surrounding ourselves with people who possess experiences and skills that are different yet complementary to our own, we can more forward faster and further. That …

How to implement non-violent communication

“Words are windows, or they are walls. They either condemn us or set us free” – Marshall B. Rosenberg

Disparaging comments, reproaches or reprimands, the office can sometimes turn into a boxing ring where everyone takes turns throwing punches. It is often difficult to manage your mood and your relationships …

5 tips to better manage creative projects with your clients

Website creation, visual identity development, new advertising campaign launch, event organising or even public relations management – they are all projects that belong to creative agencies. Even though the principles of project management stay the same for all business sectors, this type of projects is not to be addressed in …

14 KPIs to know in order to evaluate a project’s progress

Whenever you manage a project, you should always keep an eye on the delays, the budget, the extent of the project and the quality of the work being done. Therefore, in order to know where you are in terms of project completion, it is essential to use KPIs (Key

News from January and February 2020 on Wimi

In order to satisfy our existing customers and future customers, we are continuously developing our collaborative platform. This month, we are offering changes to calendar events and adjustments to document management and manager rights, in order to improve the productivity of your teams but also to make their lives easier.…


How to estimate task duration ?

Estimating the time of a project task is a game of riddles. Here are three things to take into account when you approach this exercise in project management.

  • We struggle to estimate the duration of a task or an activity
  • We tend to take the time allotted to us by