5 programmes that make cyber security a priority

5 programmes that make cyber security a priority

Posted by David Galiana, on Wednesday 23 February 2022

In recent years, cybersecurity and data protection have become prime issues. Whether its personal data or sensitive data, companies, governments and Internet users are looking for effective solutions to preserve the security and confidentiality of their information and to maintain their sovereignty. In addition to traditional antivirus and firewalls that protect you from the various cybercrime threats, you can choose to use software and applications where protecting your data is a priority. Here are 5 examples.

Qwant : Search Engine

Tired of Google using your data? Qwant is an English search engine which, unlike Google, does not seek to use your personal data for advertising and commercial purposes. In addition to protecting and respecting your privacy, Qwant also guarantees the neutrality and impartiality of the results.

Your searches are encrypted, no history is saved and no cookies or trackers are slipped into your browser. The results obtained are displayed in a neutral and impartial manner. No site is favoured over another for commercial, political, or moral reasons.

The Qwant search engine is free and offers four different products:

• Qwant search: the standard search engine

• Qwant Mobile: the mobile app

• Qwant Junior: a secure and educational search engine for children which filters the appropriate content

• Qwant Boards: a tool to share and organize the results of your research.

Dashlane : Password Manager

Nowadays, our digital lives are intense and cybersecurity is becoming more and more necessary. Whether it’s your professional or private life, we have dozens of accounts, all password protected and spread across different devices (smartphones, tablets, work computers, and personal laptops).

Your passwords protect your privacy on the Internet. What happens if you forget them? Are you sure they are secure enough? Dashlane makes your life easier by allowing you to store, manage and change your passwords from a single interface. The application allows you to manage your usernames, passwords, payment information and other sensitive personal data, and automatically logs you into your accounts. Your online activity and data are encrypted for maximum protection, and you receive alerts if your data is stolen or disclosed.

Dashlane is available as a free version for one device and 50 passwords. To use it on several devices with an unlimited number of passwords, count € 39.99 per year.

ProtonMail : A secure messaging service

Guaranteeing the cybersecurity of your messages is essential. Based in Switzerland, ProtonMail is a secure, open source, encrypted and free messaging service. All your data is thus protected by Swiss confidentiality laws and your emails are automatically secured thanks to end-to-end encryption. Your emails are permanently protected. No one can crack them without your unique password, not even ProtonMail employees.

ProtonMail is an anonymous messaging service, meaning that no personal information is required to register, and your IP addresses are not stored. Finally, you don’t need to install any software to use it. Another advantage is that you can benefit from ephemeral communication by programming an expiration date on your emails. This will automatically remove them from your inbox as soon as they expire.

ProtonMail offers a free version for an email address with 500 MB of storage and 150 messages sent per day. Three paid plans (Plus, Professional and Visionary) are available with more storage and the ability to send more messages per day as well as other features.

Wimi Armoured : A project management software

Do you regularly manage sensitive projects? Do you want to guarantee the cybersecurity and the confidentiality of the data of all your projects? Wimi Armored is the project management software for you. Highly secure, it favors the security, confidentiality and sovereignty of your data. A first in the world of project management.

This collaborative solution offers all the features essential for effective collaboration within your project team: an intuitive interface, unified workspaces, discussion channels and instant messaging, document sharing, task management, a calendar , the possibility of making video calls with screen sharing and reporting tools.

But what sets Wimi Armored apart from traditional project management software is its level of cybersecurity:

• end-to-end data encryption;

• hosting of your data on a secure site in France by a French host and therefore outside the scope of the Patriot Act US, or on a site of the customers’ choice;

• a multi-factor and multi-device authentication system;

• a type of hosting adapted to customer needs (SaaS, On-premise or hybrid);

• simplified user management and easy deployment.

In terms of pricing, Wimi offers four plans, one of which is free for up to three users. Then the prices range from 9 to 18 € per user per month depending on the options chosen.

Tails : A live operating system

The purpose of Tails is to preserve your privacy and anonymity while surfing the web. Tails stands for “The Amnesic Incognito Live System”. It is a live operating system that can be used on any computer from a USB stick or DVD, regardless of the system already installed on the computer. If you shut down Tails, the computer will restart to its original operating system.

In addition, Tails leaves no record of what you have done because it is configured not to use the computer’s hard drive, unless you allow it to do so. You can therefore work on sensitive documents in complete safety because data recovery will be impossible after the computer is turned off. So, remember to save your data on a USB, an external hard drive or in a data room.

The advantage of this operating system is that it comes with many applications that make cybersecurity a priority: web browser, instant messaging, email, office suite, image and sound editor, etc…

Obviously, this list is not exhaustive. There are more and more software and applications that offer enhanced security to protect your data. It’s up to you to choose them carefully.

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